Key Issues

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3 Main Targets:

 1). Attract New Business With Career Jobs & Fair Wages.

2). Transportation | Critical Roads | Communication Infrastructure.

3). Protect Our Quality Of Life.


1). *Attract New Businesses, Affordable Women's Healthcare Facilities, And Jobs With Permanent Career Opportunities. Keep Our Younger Talent Local.  How? - Find And Allocate Funding For New Business Tax Break Incentives, Study Private Sector Models.  Augment The Retail/Tourist Industry With 21st Century Businesses. Re-Visit The Lewes - Cape May Ferry Operation, A Working Blueprint To Learn From For Creative Ideas.

Attract Young Doctors To An Under-Served District 20; It Takes Too Long To Get Appointments Currently For Patients. Grandfather Doctor's License Re-Testing If They Come To Set Up In Delaware From Other States And Already Have Applicable Credentials. Delaware Is Being Passed Over By Top Docs Who Are Settling Elsewhere Based On Medical Practice Rankings They Look At To Set Up Their New Homes. One Solution, Done In Other States, Is Delaware Can Help Attract More Healthcare Talent By Reducing Duplicate Regulatory Requirements.


Top Caliber, Relocating, Doctors Have Already Passed National & State Licensing Medical Exams. 41 States Are Noted In The Above Chart As More  "Doctor Friendly" Than Delaware In Attracting New Physicians.  Delaware Needs To Support All Medical Practices; Lowering The Patient Doctor Ratio Through Recognizing Warranted Reciprocal Credentials Removes One Redundant Barrier.  Bringing In More Healthcare As A Start Will Shorten Scheduling Days | Wait Times From Existing Overloaded Practices, Not To Mention Up Grading Our Existing Healthcare Options .


2). *Start-Up Legislation To Build A Fast Middle And Last Mile "Community Fiber Optics Public Option" Utility. This Is What Relocating Industries Are Now Looking For In Areas Of Expansion. I Have A Plan To Keep Our Young Talent Here With Fair Paying Jobs And Benefits.

*Fix the Route 1 | Route 9 Road Gateway And Transportation Gridlock Now.  How?- District 20 Will Now Have Jack As An Elected Democrat Advocate Going Forward With A Democratic Governor and Democratic Speaker Of The House in Sussex County To Get Things Done. Move The Proper Percentage Of Deserved Monies From Our Budget Downstate. Coordinate State Legislation With The County Council Master Plan.

Color Code | Simplify The Traffic Flow Signage For District 20 Roads. Enact Coordinated Growth Policies To Secure Our Air, Beaches, And Farmlands For Our Children And Grandchildren.  No! On Overbrook!

Right to work is wrong

3). *Protect Our Quality Of Life:

Lower Health Care Costs, How?- Prevention; We Need Opioid Rehabilitation And Treatment Centers.  Address Clean Water Tables Now.  Delaware Is The Third Highest Health Care Cost For All States In America!

*No!  On To “Right To Work” How?- Stop Legislation That Will Kill Existing Fair Wages And Jobs.

*Bolster Senior Services To Enable Our Elders To Remain Independent As Long As Possible. How?- State Monies For Target Advertising & Messaging To Seniors On How Existing Transit Actually Is Set Up To Work. Build In The Gaps Around Where Seniors Actually Live. Currently, Empty Buses Help No One And The System Needs A Review. Boost Health Care Transit Availability, And Lower Out Of Pocket Costs.

*Underwrite The Freedom To Enjoy Life Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness In Our Coastal Towns. How?  Zero Tolerance For Bullying.  Mutual Respect, And Manners Are Part Of Our Delaware DNA And Must Be Protected With Any Ongoing Legislative Changes. 

*Support All Resident And Visitor's Greater Good. How?-Jack’s Moral Compass-"Everyone Is As Good As, But Never Better, Than Anyone Else".